Wine Competition

Craft Wine Competition is an International Awards that brings together vintners best wines from all over the world. Independent, artisan, boutique…flagship wines that reflect what wine making is all about. Producers are focused on wine making, unique yet with a common constant commitment to quality. Craft wines have the ability to focus intensely on every aspect throughout the wine making experience. Start with geography, climate, and interaction with the soil to certain characteristic qualities that go into the fermentation process and aging or just the sum of the effects. Craft wines are made with passion and the unique flavors in each varietal present themselves in the finished product. Wines are tasted blind by an expert panel of a dozen sommeliers with years of expertise both in the industry and judging wine. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded on a 100-point system. Craft Wine Competition results will be posted on the site and brands will use winning medallion on bottles and marketing materials.

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