Big Bend Brewing Co National Park Hefeweizen

Birra Morena Birra Lucana Bianca

Birra Morena Lucana Bianca, is a wheat beer born in the pristine land Lucania and full of pure, spring water, is a beer with a light color, but turbid, moderately body with a bitter little noticeable because it receives a cold hopping that makes it very refreshing. This beer is particularly spicy with notes of coriander and curacao, has hints of citrus, fruity and tangy flavor but velvety on the palate; this beer is proud to be fermented in the cellar and fermented in the bottle with high fermentation yeast; Beer Special refreshing, raw unfiltered. Can be combined with any type of meal and also between meals. Ideal serving temperature: 5-8° C / 41- 46° F – EBU: 18

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