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Craft Spirits Awards International Competition attracts craft distillers’ top craft spirits worldwide. Just to let you know how craft spirits are growing, take a look at the U.S. from a few dozen distilleries ten years ago to over two hundred fifty today and growing, now multiply that worldwide!

Little_Bugs_Spirits Craft Spirits Awards

Craft Wine Awards International Competition attracts vintners’ top wines from all over the world. The field consists of independent, craft producers who are focused on the art of making unique wines and share the common interest of bringing their craft forward for all to enjoy.

Craft Wine Awards Craft Wine Awards

Craft Beer Awards International Competition brings together the top craft brewers from everywhere to showcase-and award- craft beer and its integral position in the larger Craft movement. Only independent beers, made with integrity and quality ingredients enter this competition.

Craft Beer Awards Craft Beer Awards

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